Gilroy is home to a rich blend of business sectors and to one of the region's most diverse economies. Its close proximity to major transportation, mild weather, business-friendly environ- ment, and a love for garlic make Gilroy a community with a spice for life!
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Public Policy

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With the launch of GilPAC in 2011, the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce is not only working to influence government decisions, but is also striving further to elect business-friendly candidates.

The GilPAC is currently reviewing candidates for Gilroy Mayor and City Council. The candidates will be reviewed by the GilPAC Executive Committee based upon background, experience, political track and voting records, and responses to a written questionnaire and oral interview. Endorsements are to be released following approval by the GilPAC Board of Trustees.

The #1 priority of the business community is creating a strong, local economy. The Gilroy Chamber of Commerce took the lead in 1996 in the formation of the Gilroy Economic Development Corporation,(EDC) and today, due in part to the Chamber contributing more than $.5 million to the Gilroy EDC, Gilroy thrives with a robust tax base. The Chamber's first step in striving to elect business-friendly candidates was the creation of our candidate endorsement program in 2004. The Government Relations Committee (GRC) Endorsement Committee evaluated candidates on issues important to the business community and made recommendations to the Chamber's Board of Directors to endorse those candidates. Clearly the business community has a louder voice and greater stature now because of the Chamber's efforts.

GilPAC is an independent, nonpartisan organization, sponsored by the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of GilPAC is to become involved in California state and local candidate and ballot measure elections, and in relevant state and local public policy issues, in order to promote the interests of the Chamber, its members, and the business community in the City of Gilroy and throughout the state.

Contact Information:

7471 Monterey Street
Gilroy, CA  95020
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