What is the “High 5” Youth Award?
The “High 5” Youth Award is presented monthly by the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce to:
– Recognize an outstanding community service; or
– Recognize an outstanding contribution of service on a school campus; or
– Recognize outstanding youth projects in Gilroy; or
– Acknowledge youth leadership in Gilroy; or
– Acknowledge youth success in Gilroy.

What is the Criteria of the Award?
– Any Gilroy youth (18 years and under), youth group, or youth-oriented organization may qualify.
– Nominations need to be submitted in writing with sufficient support information to the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce, 7471 Monterey Street, Gilroy, by the 10th of each month. All nominations are kept on file for future consideration.
– Nominations are submitted to the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors for approval.

How is Recognition Given?
– A plaque is presented to the recipient at the monthly Breakfast Club meeting.
– A photo and story will appear in the Gilroy Business Focus.

Youth High 5 Award

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